Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Does Your “About Us” Page Communicate Your Company’s Culture?

Put a little culture in your “about” page, and the world will be a better place.

In a recent post for Lifehacker, Sean Blanda notes five best practices about corporate culture. Of particular importance for brand managers, he argues that companies ought to use their “about us” webpage to capture and communicate their culture. He cites six sites worth emulating:

What does your “about” page communicate?

Addendum (2/4/2014): A few people pages worth their headshots:

Addendum (3/26/2014): Honorable mention:

Addendum (4/27/2014): Another winner:

Addendum (4/30/2014): Another one:

Addendum (7/28/2014): This time, some text:

“Social media is becoming one of the best ways for employers to give the outside world an inside look at their company’s culture ... Candidates deciding whether ... to accept a position often learn much more about a company’s culture through friends or social media than from a conventional interview process.”

Addendum (5/25/2015):