Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is Your Website Primarily a Sales Tool or a Marketing Tool?

Here’s one clear answer, from the Murthy Law Firm:

Q. What resources are available on your current site?

A. It’s aimed at building an online immigrant community. There’s no hard sell—its priority is not to bring in clients but to help and show we care and know our stuff. We clarify the most complicated laws, using tools like teleconferences, podcasts, and blogging.

Our moderated bulletin board has over 165,000 members who share information and knowledge about visa processing trends and related matters. On Monday nights, we have a real-time chat where one of our senior attorneys explains immigration law and processes. Every two or three years, we redo the site from scratch, working with a web development firm.

Q. How’s business?

A. Clients are banging down the door. They throw themselves at our feet asking us to take them on. The feeling is, “If they give this much away for free, what must it be like if you pay them?”