Friday, November 8, 2013

Running vs. Swimming

“In December 1993, she traded her goggles for two things: a microphone and a pair of running shoes. While finishing up at Stanford, she began a career as a television commentator and started running with friends around campus.

“‘I love running because I can feel myself sweat, which was such a novel, amazing feeling I didn't get in the pool,’ she says. ‘Plus, I can talk. I used to chat with my teammates during kicking sets, and my coach would get mad and tell me I wasn't working hard enough.’

“Finally, trading a black line on the bottom of the pool for a view of the colorful world was delicious. ‘I feel as though I can remember almost every step of every marathon,’ says Sanders, who has run the New York City Marathon twice, the Chicago Marathon, as well as the Boston Marathon last spring.”

I Know What You Did Last, Summer