Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Posts


“I know most of you are writers. But images can’t be an afterthought. Of [our most recent] top 10 stories, five were photo-driven and another two were based on video clips. If you can get an image or a document to support a story—or even make the story support the image—the package has way more chance.” —Nick Denton


“When I worked on the editorial team at, we had a slideshow called Child Stars Then and Now, which we would run at the end of every month when we needed to make up ground toward our pageview goal. It was 50 slides long, and users would inevitably get sucked into its vortex. We’d make our goal and get a pat on the back from the suits, who would then go back to our advertisers and show them the astronomical number of eyeballs that had landed on their banners.” —Sam Slaughter