Thursday, May 29, 2014

Job-Searching Favors the Bold

Jessica Bennett (my emphasis):

I joined Lean In about two months ago to create a strategy around editorial content. I had written about Lean In and interviewed Sheryl for a couple of articles, so when Tumblr (where I was executive editor) decided to abruptly fire its editorial team (guess we know why now!), I emailed Sheryl. I've been writing on social issues and women for years, and Lean In resonated with me, so I thought, hey, what the hell, might as well lean the fuck in. She hadn't planned on staffing an editor but I sold her on it. So, I'm the New York Lean In bureau, working with the team on the West Coast to produce social campaigns, roll out media partnerships, editorial initiatives, and come up with creative ways to frame editorial content around women and work.