Thursday, September 11, 2014

Which Headline Do You Like Best?

1. The Twitter Bio Halls of Fame and Shame
2. How to Write Your Twitter Bio
3. The Art of Writing Your Bio for Twitter
4. Why You Need a Better Bio on Twitter
5. Make Every Character Count: How to Write a Better Twitter Bio
6. The Dos and Don’ts of Writing Your Twitter Bio
7. 11 Easy Tips to Perfect Your Twitter Bio
8. Is Your Twitter Bio Doing More Harm Than Good?
9. Why Your Twitter Account Needs a Masthead, and Other Tips to Perfect Your Twitter Bio
10. What Your Twitter Bio Says About You
11. What Your Twitter Bio Says—and Doesn’t Say—About You
12. Your Bio on Twitter Matters More Than You Think
13. Your Twitter Bio Deserves Better Than That
14. The Media’s Best and Worst Twitter Bios
15. Hey, Big Media: Your Twitter Bios Are Lousy
16. News Outlets Should Be Mortified by the Way They Describe Themselves on Twitter
17. 11 Things You Can Do Right Now to Enrich Your Twitter Profile

Addendum (/9/26/2014): And the winner is...