Sunday, February 22, 2015

Don’t Call It an Email “Blast”

“Blast invokes images of something you send out without much thought or consideration. It doesn’t take much time or effort either, because you’re literally just ‘blasting’ out information.

“Effective email marketing, on the other hand … takes time, thought, and consideration because you’re focused on building relationships and not just ‘blasting’ your audience with updates ...

“This type of email marketing enables you to build relationships, stay top of mind, drive valuable repeat business, and encourage word-of-mouth referrals.

“Achieving these types of goals starts with dropping the ‘blast’ mentality.

Constant Contact

“When ‘blast’ is used in reference to emails, it conjures up images of unwanted bulk emails invasively clogging thousands of inboxes at a time. And if you’re trying to create and grow meaningful relationships with your customers, it’s easy to see that clogging their inboxes is not the way to go.

“So instead of ‘email blast,’ let’s think of it as a simple note.

“Thinking of your email as writing a ‘note’ rather than a ‘blast’ gets you in the right frame of mind. Your emails should be like a pleasant conversation among friends ...

“When you take this approach with your email marketing, you’ll find much better results. After all, you’re trying to build relationships. Friendly conversations that offer helpful, relevant information will go much further than ‘blasts’ that talk at your customers rather than with them.

Constant Contact