Friday, February 6, 2015

In Your News Releases, Use Different Subheads for Different Reporters

Imagine this is the headline of a news release you’re pitching:

“Acme Releases Groundbreaking Shovel”

No doubt, you’re sending this to various media. Shouldn’t you therefore vary the subheadline—if not the headline itself?

As my friend Mike Long explains, here are a few subheads you might use for a business reporter:

  • Release expected to boost 4th quarter profits
  • First Acme tool built at new all-robot plant
  • Last project of outgoing CEO

And here are a couple for a lifestyle reporter:

  • First Acme tool built at new all-robot plant
  • High-tech features aimed at first-time gardeners

It’s one of the oldest—and too often overlooked—tricks in the press playbook: different audiences deserve different messages.