Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Which Headline Is Best?

  1. PowerPoint: The Good, the Bad, the God-Awful Ugly
  2. The Problem Isn’t PowerPoint. It’s the Way You’re Using It
  3. 11 Tips to PowerPoint Perfection
  4. 11 Ways to Perfect Your Next PowerPoint Presentation
  5. The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint
  6. 7 Questions About PowerPoint You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask
  7. How to Turn Your PowerPoint Loathing Into Love
  8. How to Deliver a PowerPoint Presentation Like Steve Jobs
  9. This Is Why You’re Terrible at PowerPoint: Because You’re Not Thinking Like Steve Jobs
  10. Everything You Know About PowerPoint Is Wrong
  11. Everything You Thought You Knew About PowerPoint Is Wrong
  12. Everything You Need to Know About PowerPoint
  13. To Deliver a Killer PowerPoint Presentation, Forget Everything You Think You Know
  14. Your PowerPoint Presentations Could Be So Much Better! Here’s How
  15. Your PowerPoint Presentations Could—and Should—Be So Much Better! Here’s How
  16. How to Make Ugly Slide Decks Beautiful

Addendum (2/19/2016): And the winner is...