Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why You Should Hire a Dedicated Writer for Your Website

A few talking points:

1. Anyone can throw a party. But we’ve all been to parties that are lousy, where there’s not enough food and the people are boring, and parties that are memorable, which you wish would never end. The same is true of writing: anyone can string together a sentence, but only a pro does it a way that resonates.

2. You hired professionals to design your website Why not spend a few extra dollars to hire pros to write your website — people who specialize in this stuff, who do it every day?

3. Here’s what happens when you let engineers write your website copy.

4. How to price copywriting? Do it as a package. $X for 10 pages, $Y for 20. Include two rounds of revisions per package. For higher budget campaigns, include interviews with key stakeholders.

5. Often, the principals are too close to the subject matter. This is another reason a consultant can be helpful — to bring a fresh, outside perspective.