Sunday, June 19, 2016

Why Celebrity Endorsements Matter

Nicholas Kristof

“Walmart or McDonald’s shapes the living conditions of more animals in a day than an animal shelter does in a decade.”

Caity Weaver

Keeping Up With the Kardashians has done much more to raise awareness of the Armenian genocide than Mad Men ever did, and Mad Men is an Emmy-winning drama no one was embarrassed to admit they watched.”

The Newsroom

Charlie: Today she [Lady Gaga] broke her silence and Tweeted in support of — in defense of — in support of overturning the Defense of Marriage Act. Sloan’s going to interview her manager.

Mac: You’re still able to hear yourself when you speak, right?

Charlie: Yeah.

Mac: I’m glad Lady Gaga wants to engage people —

Charlie: She has 40 million Twitter followers.

Mac: Does her manager bring expertise to the table on marriage equality?

Charlie: What kind of expertise is there on that subject?

Mac: Someone who’s familiar with state legislatures, for example.

Charlie: Hey, you know what, Mac. How about she brings 40 million people to a civil-rights debate. I don’t think gay couples who’d just like to move the fuck on with their lives are as choosy about that discussion.