Monday, January 28, 2013

Why Social Media Touches Every Department of Your Organization

Shelley Kramer:

Social intelligence enables customer service teams to listen to what customers are saying, solve their problems, and be attuned to their needs in a way that prepares them to spot developing trends that can affect product development and future strategic focus.

Social intelligence enables marketers to develop campaigns based on consumer feedback, monitor performance after launch, and tweak as needed to gain maximum benefit from each and every advertising campaign.

Social enables demand generation teams to focus their efforts more effectively on lead management and scoring.

Social enables content strategy teams to develop content that’s in line with information that customers and prospects want and need, and which might help them make a purchase decision, or 20, along the way.

Researchers and data analysts routinely use social to measure myriad things, including brand awareness, sentiment, trend spotting, potential crisis identification, and more.

Social intelligence and data enables business strategists and operations teams to drive strategy, as well as to watch competitors and monitor their performance and adapt their own strategies accordingly.

Social intelligence enables human resource teams to identify and recruit the very best and brightest talent to their organizations and enables them to keep their employees happy and satisfied.