Friday, February 15, 2013

How Ezra Klein Turned Failure Into Success

From the buzzy TNR profile:

At the University of California, Santa Cruz—the only school that would accept him—Klein didn’t quite fit in. . . . Klein applied to the student newspaper, and was rejected. Sophomore year, he applied to an internship at the American Prospect, and was rejected. He applied to be a reporter-researcher at the New Republic, and didn’t get that either. He tried to help out Gary Hart, who pondered a presidential bid in 2004, and the day after he drove him around traffic-clogged San Francisco, Hart decided not to run.

Where is Klein today?

His Wonkblog, which started out as a solo venture and has since swollen to include a staff of five, has arguably become the Post’s most successful project, bringing in over four million page views every month. “It’s ‘fuck you traffic,’” one of Klein’s Post colleagues told me. “He’s always had enough traffic to end any argument with the senior editors.” On top of this, Klein writes a regular column for the print edition of the Post, as well as long features for the New Yorker. He is a columnist for Bloomberg View. He has a book deal. He frequently subs in for Rachel Maddow, on MSNBC, where he is also on contract as a contributor.