Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Your Must-Read of the Day: Why Your Brand Should Piss Someone Off

Here’s the nutshell:

If you want your brand to be beloved, then you must accept that some people will hate it. So let ‘em. It’s better than having a weak brand.

And here’s an excerpt:

Years ago, the And1 website used to feature an extreme example of this point. Addressing the meaning behind its name, the basketball apparel company announced: “If you don’t know what it means, we don’t want you wearing our shoes.”

It’s like life: the only way to have everyone like you is to avoid taking a controversial stance on anything. If you are willing to be anything to anybody—to surrender your identity and your individuality—no one will have strong feelings about you either way. You won’t stand out to anyone and you won’t offend anyone. You simply won’t matter. Is that the fate you want? ...

Polarization is good. Traveling the middle road, as broad and tempting as it may be, is always and unequivocally bad. Like people, brands are defined by the company they keep. But they’re also defined by the company they don’t keep.