Tuesday, September 3, 2013

4 Reasons @Slate Is Killing It on Twitter

Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, is right: the @Slate Twitter account is fantastic. Based on a quick audit, here are four reasons why.

1. Consistency. Their editorial style—one sentence per tweet, with an emphasis on the here and now (“Here is a photo…”; “We turned this map into…”)—is consistent.

2. Self-Promotion. The vast majority of what they tweet—and retweet—links to Slate.com. Indeed, almost all RTs come from subsidiary Slate handles (e.g., @SlateGabfest and @Browbeat) and Slate writers (e.g., @fmkaplan and @mattyglesias).

3. Voice. As you’d expect from writers, their tweets are conversational and catchy. Sometimes they tweet headlines, but more often they pluck the pithiest part of a story.

4. Tech. They use Twitter cards and a custom URL.

Kudos to @JeremyStahl, the human behind @Slate.