Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Slate Publishes 4 Headlines for Each Article

Updated (12/2/2013)

Well, not every article or blog post, but most. A couple of examples:

Home Page
Article Title
Page Title
Serve Thanksgiving Dinner at 8 PM

Thanksgiving Is Just a Special Dinner Party

What time is Thanksgiving dinner? How about 8?
It’s Thanksgiving Dinner. Stop Eating at Lunchtime.
Everything Is Hackable
Can You Hack It?
Hacking iPhones, Google Glass, and Fitbits: How to protect yourself when everything you own can be hacked.
Everything Electronic You Own—iPhone to Subway Card to Power Strip—Can Be Hacked. So How to Defend Yourself?

Addendum (12/8/2013): For its (big) articles, New York publishes three headlines:

Home Page
Article Title
Page Title
A-Rod Isn’t Looking for Sympathy

Chasing A-Rod
The Epic Battle Between Major League Baseball and Alex Rodriguez