Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Best Spoilers on Twitter

I give in to @HuffingtonPost click-bait so you don't have to. RT ≠ endorsement & correlation ≠ causation. Created by @alexmiz.
Change The World. One Link At A Time.
Words that describe the links that follow. Created (with love) by @mstem.
Parody Twitter feed for the Fast Company business media brand; inspiring readers to build mental time machines and travel to the future of business.
I read BuzzFeed lists so you don’t have t—actually, you should probably just read them.
Because sometimes stories in newspapers are just that obvious. (This is a parody account clearly not associated with any newspaper.)

Honorable mentions:

All Tweets Verbatim From New York Times Content. Not Affiliated with New York Times.
All Tweets Verbatim New York Times Articles. Not affiliated with NYT Minus Context.