Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How Working From Home Improves the Economy

“I’ve been writing from home for eight years, and I quickly learned that I’m far more productive there. No one walks into my office to complain about our boss or, as one former co-worker often did, demand a massage. I have been shocked by how rarely I have to stop working because someone in my house has a birthday. My post-morning-meeting time is not spent talking about where and with whom I’ll have lunch. I really miss working in an office.

“Working from home is great for my family, since I get to be with my son, and as soon as he starts to bore me, I get to tell him that I have to go work. I don’t commute, which helps the environment, reduces traffic and, on the basis of how many things I do while I drive, also reduces the number of accidents. I’ve lost weight because I make my own food and work out more, which helps society because my threatening good looks motivate men to treat their wives better. As far as macroeconomics, my studies have shown that working from home is a slight improvement for the overall economy, since while it does harm lunch restaurants, it greatly helps online pornographers.

Joel Stein