Monday, December 2, 2013

What It’s Like to Go on TV

“Most TV interviews are done by satellite, in which case you’re sitting on a stool, by yourself, in a cold, dark room, staring into a bright light. You don’t see your interviewer or the person you’re debating. Instead, the questions come to you through an earpiece. On the few occasions when you are flown out for an in-studio interview, it’s usually coach, a hotel room in New York that’s slightly larger than a shoebox, and a generally hurried and stressful experience. And you aren’t paid.

“HBO was much different. You’re flown first-class and put up in a five-star hotel. You get an honorarium. You get your own dressing room. And you get lots and lots of prep from the show’s producers so you know what to expect. After the show, there’s a party with staff, guests, and a few friends of both—complete with a nice spread of food and an open bar.