Sunday, December 29, 2013

Twitter: The Most Important Place in Washington, DC?

1. “It’s the gathering spot, it’s the filing center, it’s the hotel bar, it’s the press conference itself all in one.” —Jonathan Martin, New York Times

2. “Everyone in politics, it seemed, was on Twitter: journalists, editors, pundits, campaign managers, television producers, bureau chiefs, flacks, pollsters, activists, lobbyists, donors, wives of donors, daughters of donors, hacky operatives, buffoonish down-ballot candidates, cousins of direct mail specialists, interns desperate for retweets. Even Dick Morris was on Twitter.” —Peter Hamby, CNN

3. “Politico’s top editors describe ‘influentials’ as their target audience: elected officials, political operatives, journalists and other political-media functionaries.” —Mark Leibovich, The New York Times Magazine

Substitute “Politico’s top editors” for “Twitter’s Washington sales reps.”