Friday, January 17, 2014

How to Newsjack

The Bad

1. Nikki Finke’s Unbelievable Nelson Mandela Tweet Inspires Hilarious #FinkeObits Hashtag

2. Kenneth Cole's #Cairo Tweet Angers the Internet

3. Golf Channel Tweets Dumb Thing About Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" Speech

4. Gilbert Gottfried on Japan

5. Fox29 Anchor's Tweet Breaks Bad

6. Watch: Kenneth Cole Stands by Controversial Syria Tweet

The Good

1. How Banana Republic Cleverly Crashed Twitter's IPO Party

2. Bertolli Makes the Most of Barilla Chairman's Anti-Gay Comments

3. Someone Give This Oreo Employee a Raise

4. Ben & Jerry's Gets High Marks for Colorado Marijuana Tweet

Newsjacking explainer, by Alison Kenney, here.

Addendum (1/29/2014): More examples from this year’s Grammy’s here, by way of Digiday.

Addendum (8/19/2014): Oy!

Addendum (9/9/2014): This:

Addendum (12/30/2014): Annie Lowrey:

“Too often ... brands on Twitter are not on-trend. Brands on Twitter are your uncle posting out-of-focus selfies on Instagram with 13 hashtags, including #Sunday and #shorts. Brands on Twitter are your high-school science teacher comparing electrons to Zack Morris to try to get you to stay awake in fifth period. Brands on Twitter are your weird cousin talking during the movie when you’re just trying to watch, okay? Jesus, Freddie, do you always need to be the center of attention?”

Addendum (7/9/2015): This: