Tuesday, March 11, 2014

5 Big Businesses That Are Using Twitter to Make You Laugh

1. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

2. Goldman Sachs

3. Boston Police

4. Delta Air Lines

5. John Kerry

* Yes, technically, John Kerry is an individual, not a business.

Addendum (3/16/2014): Almost forgot this doozy:

Addendum (3/21/2014): How about another one?

Addendum (8/27/2014): And let’s not forget this double doozy:

Addendum (9/19/2014): Bonus points if you get the reference:

Addendum (10/10/2014): Ed Gillespie does his best Taylor Swift-Jimmy Kimmel:

Addendum (1/4/2015): 7 boring big brands that used humor to amp up their marketing.

Addendum (3/9/2015):

Addendum (3/28/2015): Groupon Posted This Product on Facebook, Then Replied to Everyone Who Made a Sex Joke