Saturday, May 10, 2014

Why Every Big Article Needs a Complementary Blog Post

Write up a 6,000-word cover story: “What Timothy Geithner Really Thinks.”

Then summarize your takeaways as a 800-word listicle: “5 Takeaways From Magazine Article on Geithner and the Financial Crisis.”

As Patrick Gavin recently observed, “In the age of the incredible shrinking attention span, listicles and click-bait summaries of a reporter’s 'top nuggets' and 'juicy revelations' are the best ways to extend the lifecycle of your articles, books and brand.”

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Addendum (5/17/2014): Apparently, Kashmir Hill made this point two years ago:

I suspect I drove a ton of traffic to the New York Times that they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten because they hadn’t sold their story quite as well as I did and didn’t create a short version of it that was easy to share and digest online. (Advice the NYT should consider is having their own bloggers tackle long pieces like this and chunk them up for the online crowd—a tactic the Wall Street Journal has effectively employed.)