Friday, October 17, 2014

Which Headline Would You Click On?

1. How to Master the Timeless Art of Headline Writing
2. How to Master the Art of Headline Writing
3. The Art and Science of Writing an Irresistible Headline
4. How to Write the Perfect Headline Every Time
5. The Art of the Perfect Headline
6. Headlines and Headings: How to Write for the Web
7. How to Write for the Web
8. The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do to Make Your Content Go Viral
9. A Headline Is Worth a Thousand Words
10. How to Make Your Mundane Content Magnificent
11. REVEALED: Every Trick in the Book to Write a Magnetic Headline
12. 9 Secrets That Will Make Your Headline Go Viral
13. The Secret to Making Seemingly Unsexy Subjects Go Viral
14. The Closest Thing We Writers Have to a Silver Bullet
15. The Surefire Way to Make Anything Go Viral
16. 2 Tactics That You’re Neglecting That Will Turbocharge Your Web Writing

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Addendum (10/22/2014): The preliminary results, via Outbrain: