Sunday, July 26, 2015

Journalism by Brands

1. Txchnologist
2. Free Enterprise
3. Momentum
4. The Credits
5. 1440 Project
6. Platform
7. Red Bulletin
8. Van Winke’s
9. Bevel Code
10. Pineapple

Addendum (5/29/2016): Day Lyons identifies four types of corporate blogs:

1. Brand Awareness. You’re publishing stories because you want people to know about your company. You’re not trying to generate sales directly from those articles. Examples: GE and IBM

2. Industry News. You write about your own company and your industry, creating coverage that supplements the work of mainstream media. Examples: Intel and Microsoft

3. Create and Sponsor. You want to establish your company as a thought leader, so you create an independent site. Example: Adobe’s

4. Lead Generation. You use content as a way to generate leads that can be converted into customers. Example: HubSpot