Sunday, March 12, 2017

Which Headline Is Best?

1. Everything You Wanted To Know About LinkedIn, But Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

2. Unleashing The Hidden Power Of LinkedIn

3. Do You Have A Full Understanding Of LinkedIn’s Hidden Powers?

4. Here’s How To Overhaul And Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

5. You’re Doing It Wrong: LinkedIn

6. Your LinkedIn Profile Could Be So Much Better! Here’s How

7. 31 Changes You Should Make To Your LinkedIn Profile Right Now

8. Is Your LinkedIn Profile All It Can And Ought To Be?

9. Hey! What’s Wrong With Your LinkedIn Profile?

10. Could Your LinkedIn Profile Be Better?

11. You Have A LinkedIn Profile. Now What?

12. 31 Easy Ways to Dramatically Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

13. Are You Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn?

Addendum (3/19/2017): The results:

Addendum (12/19/2017): Another test: